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Müller 6700. Variable High-Performance Cutting System

Full bleed trimming, variable paper lengths, white paper management – the Müller 6700 gets the maximum out of every web and impresses with its versatility. Ideal for transactional applications and the graphic arts market, whether as a standalone cutting system or integrated into a printing line. read more

Müller 6300. Compact Double Stack Cutting System

The Müller 6300 processes documents coming online from the roll. With vertical and horizontal slit and gutter cuts the web is fitted to the desired final size. The integrated shingle buffer allows online operation without interruptions. read more

Müller 6100. Compact Fanfold Cutting System

Cut offline fanfold paper from the stack in 1-up or 2-up on single sheets is a job for the cutting system Müller 6100. The document is then placed on a storage table or moved into a stacker. The system can be variable extended. read more